Project updates

Dawn after the X Days

A new era for Elrond and a brighter future for Evoload



Palais Brongniart

A new chapter seems to have begun for the entire Elrond ecosystem, a crazy rebranding has accompanied the launch of new products and integrations that seem to provide an even more prosperous future for the entire community. We spent three amazing days in the Palais Brongniart dedicated to building new opportunities for the project and learning more about what’s in store.

MultiverseX announcement

To learn more about the new main products that are going to characterize this renovated ecosystem please have a look at this article posted on by the team:

Together with all the new products and integrations we also learned about the new Ledger announcement of Native EGLD staking and ESDT support, unlocking new opportunities for the ecosystem and for Evoloaders to safely store and stake their assets on a Ledger wallet.

New opportunities for Evoload

These three days as prospected allowed us to raise awareness of the project with extremely positive results, especially judging by the recent surge that Seedsale has had, selling more than 2M tokens during the convention period alone.

The network evolves and Evoload is not going to be outdone. We are working to become more than just a project, but instead an entire ecosystem composed of native products and also third-party integrations, to offer our customers and users the opportunity to take advantage of our partner’s services, useful to their business and beyond.

New partners and Launchpad soon to come

Our new ideas and intentions also caught the interest of some well-known friends that would like to help us launch them, so starting from the next sale round we’ll be using a Launchpad to boost our visibility to the whole community! Deals were discussed during the event and official announcements will be made further on, be sure to not miss it.

Talking about friends, we’ve been discussing with Gaupa Labs the potential of blockchain across supply chains and the benefits we can bring to the industry.

Gaupa Labs
Joaquim Tirach — Gaupa Labs CEO

Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization of Romania, Sebastian Burduja, also seemed interested in real-world applications of our project through these emerging technologies, we hope to meet with him again soon.

Sebastian Burduja
Sebastian Burduja — Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization

In conclusion, lots of new friends and interested people, we hope to make room for each of them in our ecosystem in the near future and not to disappoint the expectations of our beloved community and investors that have been supporting us so much in the last time period.

Remember that soon the beta of our Drivers Hub will be released, after that the next goal will be the Freight Exchange, but some surprises might pop up along the way so stay with us.

Magnetic Network Meetup

Magnetic Network meetup

On the 4th of November, at the end of the second day of the event, we had the opportunity to participate as Platinum Partners in the X Day Magnetic Afterwork at Corcoran’s, an evening that brought together builders, community members, and curious visitors to build relationships and make new acquaintances. On this occasion, we were able to strengthen our relationships with the community and better explain our project to interested investors in a friendly atmosphere over drinks. We want also to thank Pierrick and Joaquim for their great support during the setup for the event, you’re awesome!

Our team’s table at the event

Airdrop notice

Airdrop distribution update

You may have noticed that our recent airdrop had experienced some problems, let’s explain why and what happened.
During the distribution of the tokens, we’ve been alerted by the discovery of a big chunk of fresh new Elrond wallets that could have possibly been created through scripting and owned by one or more mischievous actors.
This kind of action corrupted the fairness of the distribution and couldn’t be tolerated so we’ve run some investigations to detect and blacklist from the airdrop those addresses. We managed to overcome the problem and distribute most of the tokens but to finally close this chapter we’ll be needing your help, so please read the following FAQ for more information.

I haven’t received my tokens yet, what should I do?
Because of the difficulty in detecting precisely the malicious addresses, we may have skipped unintentionally someone, don’t worry we will forget noone. If you still haven’t received your airdrop tokens please send a message in our Telegram groups and ask for an admin to help you, someone will get to you promptly. After checking your wallet address with our airdrop submissions list we’ll send you the tokens as fast as an Elrond transaction can run!

I don’t have Telegram how do I contact you?
If you can’t contact us through Telegram please search for us on other socials like Twitter or Instagram and contact us, remember you can also send an email to and ask for support directly from our staff.

What will happen to tokens that are not going to be distributed because of this issue?
Because of the presence of several invalid addresses and inputs a part of the 1M $EVLD will be left. Since we want to keep our word and distribute an entire million of tokens we’ll be using the left tokens for a more charitable and deserving cause we’ve been aiming to support for a long time, details are been currently discussed and will be released as soon as the agreements are made.

For more questions and information please contact us on our groups and socials or send an email to , we’ll be happy to help you with anything you need.

New beta Discord server opening next week

You may also remember on top of all the news we’ve been recently announcing, that recently we opened the applications for our brand new Discord server in its early version. This will give occasion to our community users to help out the project through their knowledge and feedback, to pave the way for a better experience when the server will be publicly opened.

The application form is closing on the 13th of November and early members are expected to enter the server by the end of the next week.

For everyone else, the Discord will be publicly opened by the end of the month, so stay tuned for updates!


Elrond has a very strong community and we are proud to be part of it. The future is bright and we will come out of this bearish market stronger than ever because of our community and the great work each builder in the network is doing on their project.

Don’t forget to look also at the considerations regarding this new rebranding of a great friend of ours and also a fantastic on-chain analyst: Foudres!

Special thanks to the Elrond Team and all the event organizers who worked so hard to ensure its success. To all our new friends: we hope to meet you again soon for new fantastic adventures together, you’re amazing.

Until next year, thank you again and let’s build together!