Driving Forward, No Matter What.

Evoload’s Journey Through Crypto Storms and Logistics

3 min readMar 21, 2024


Evoload — Driving Forward, No Matter What.

In the past 24 hours, the Evoload community witnessed the market performance of the EVLD token, causing understandable concern. Despite our extensive preparation and hitting significant milestones over two years, our listing and fundraising stages didn’t meet the general expectations, producing mixed reactions in our community. In our pursuit of a perfect and healthy listing for the interests of our investors, we encountered an unpredictable market that led to multiple delays in our Roadmap while searching for non-existent perfect conditions.

1. Mistakes and Lessons Learned

Acknowledging our mistakes and setbacks, we have realized the importance of adaptability. Our ambition primed over the essential balance between development, fundraising, and marketing. These experiences have taught us valuable lessons that we are committed to apply as we move forward in our mission.

“The token’s vision extends beyond initial market reactions, with actual value emerging as the platform evolves and becomes fully operational.”

2. What’s Next for Evoload?

The recent events may seem like a failure of our mission. From now on, our direction will shift towards the development and deployment of the Freight Exchange. Moving past the initial fundraising stages and having listed our token, we can finally channel more energy into enriching the platform and unlocking the true potential of the EVLD token within our ecosystem. To solidify our foundation and minimize reliance on token sales, efforts are being made to secure additional Venture Capital backing, as the crypto market is too unstable for a this kind of project.

Kindly allow us to clarify it one more time: Evoload is the Freight Exchange Platform that we are developing with innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI; the EVLD Token is the native token of the ecosystem of solutions that we are building around the platform, offering utilities to all stakeholders, like the Mileage Rewarding program, the Platform Enhancements and the Yield offered through our Staking program.

A Big Thank You!

We sincerely appreciate the support you’ve shown us throughout these challenging times, regardless of frustrating performances and unexpected setbacks. While we can’t predict what the trading charts hold, we are confident that the road ahead is paved with opportunities for growth, improvement, and success. As we leave yesterday’s events behind and look towards a promising future, we invite you to continue our journey together. Redefining logistics is a complex task, and we are committed to building a MORE connected, MORE sustainable, and MORE efficient transportation network!

“Driving Forward,

No Matter What.”


What is Evoload?

Evoload stands at the forefront of Logistics Innovation, offering a revolutionary freight exchange platform powered by blockchain technology. Our decentralized marketplace seamlessly connects shippers and carriers, leveraging the security and transparency of blockchain to redefine the logistics experience. Our services ensures optimal route planning, enhances visibility, and minimizes costs, all while providing an immutable and transparent record of transactions.

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