Evoload December Announcements

Ending the Year with a Blast

6 min readDec 1, 2023


December has finally arrived, and exciting surprises and announcements. As we reflect on a year marked by both challenges and triumphs, Evoload stands stronger and more determined than ever. We’ve navigated through the ups and downs, the bears and bulls, and have emerged with a renewed vision and unwavering commitment to our platform and services.

Let’s dive into the latest developments that are shaping the future of Evoload 👇

Key Takeaways

  • Presale 2 resuming at a New Price — Last $EVLD sale on MultiversX
  • New EVload Trucks NFTs
  • December Growth Campaign launch
  • “Center Region Program” EU Funds application
  • Public Sale Update — Launchpads & Listing
  • Updated Roadmap

Presale 2 Resuming at a New Price — Last $EVLD sale on MultiversX

Our Presale 2 is resuming and it’s going to close once for all, marking the final phase of this funding stage.

Stay aware that this will be the last Funding Stage on MultiversX, and the next and last part of our Funding Stage will be available only through Launchpads on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The sale resumes today at 12:30 CET and will conclude on December 31 at 23:59.

Stay tuned for updates on our X profile and Telegram Group.

Price Adjustment

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to reduce the price by 25%, from $0.0186 to $0.0135!

This adjustment aims to offer a more attractive entry point for new investors and foster an healthier listing and secondary market.

Those who purchased at the original price during our Presale will receive the difference via an Airdrop at the end of December.

Additional Allocation

Due to the price decrease, to maintain our funding target, an extra 2.5M $EVLD will be added to the sale pool.

New Burning Feature

A new feature is landing on this last Presale: For every 5 $EVLD purchased, 1$ EVLD will be locked and subsequently burned upon Listing.

Details of this process will be announced later this month.


Investors in this stage will enjoy exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Up to 10 free Trucking Treasures — 1 each 10.000 $EVLD bought
  • 1 free Road Titan — unlock when buying more than 150.000 $EVLD, and the Tier is based on the whole amount bought between Presale 1 and 2.

For more details, reach the X thread below.

Presale 2 Thread Guide

EV Trucks Whitelisting & Mint

We are introducing the “EVload Trucks”, a unique NFT collection featuring 4,700 EV Trucks across 11 distinct models. These NFTs not only represent cutting-edge design but also embody our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.


Minting an “EVload Truck NFT” will cost $35.
Whitelisted addresses will have access to a special $30 price.

Reach and fill out the below Google Form to submit your address for whitelisting. You have time until 8 December at 11:00 CET to submit your wallet!

EVload Trucks NFTs — Whitelist Form


Owners of these NFTs will enjoy various perks, including:

  • Dedicated 12-month 2,5M $EVLD Dynamic Staking Pool
  • 100 Lucky Minters will randomly receive 1 $EGLD each
  • The first 10 addresses to complete the collection receive 5.000 $EVLD.

Learn more on our Dedicated Webpage and join the conversation on the official Telegram Group.

December Growth Campaign | 2.000$+ Prize Pool

We’re excited to bring back the “Evoload Advent Calendar” for its second year. This campaign, packed with collaborations within the MultiversX Ecosystem, features a prize pool exceeding $2000 in USDT, NFTs, and $EVLD tokens.


Join our Evoload QuestN Community, accessible via Binance Smart Chain compatible wallets. Complete the 24 Daily Quests and be eligible for various giveaways and two major Lucky Draws at the end, with prizes for 1000+ $USDT!

To access the quests the “Welcome to the Evoload Advent Calendar 2023 edition!” must be completed. Remember to not transfer to other wallets the NFT you will receive for the duration of the whole campaign, as it will work as an access to ticket to the other quests.

Prize Pool

A mix of $USDT (on BSC), NFTs, and $EVLD token rewards await successful participants, exceeding a 2.000$ value!

Daily Quests will also offer the chance to win $USDT allocations through a Lucky Draw of 25 lucky participants for each allocation. This means that even if you don’t manage to complete the necessary quests for the final prize, you can still rack up rewards during the campaign.

Amplification Side Campaign

Engage with our Telegram Group for daily tasks on the “Advent Calendar 2023” dedicated Topic, and earn $EVLD tokens from an allocated pool of 150.000 $EVLD reserved for this campaign.


“Center Region Program 2021–2027” EU Funds Application

Evoload is applying for the Romanian Central Region Program, co-funded and approved by the EU, with a fund pool of €30.8 billion.

Documentation is finished and we wait for the program to open this December. We will keep our community updated on the whole paperwork process.

Public Sale Updates — Launchpads & Listing

As our Presale 2 rules change, also our Public Sale does. We have decided to make the ongoing sale the Last $EVLD token sale on MultiversX, so our next and last stage: the Public Sale, will be performed through Launchpads on the Binance Smart Chain, at a revised price of 0,0184$.

New Vesting

  • Receive 25% unlocked tokens at TGE
  • Unlock 10% monthly

The Token Generation Event (TGE) on BSC will take place right after the conclusion of the Launchpads rounds.

The EVLD token Listing will go Live within 7–12 days after the Public sale ends.

This change is a direct response to the evolving demands and expectations of the crypto community. Our Launchpad partners have provided invaluable insights, urging us to optimize the vesting process for participants. By aligning our strategies with Launchpads’ requirements, we aim to create a more accessible, fair, and secure environment for our community during public sales.

Updated Roadmap

Our Roadmap for 2024 is now Live, outlining our ambitious and exciting vision of our future. December is full of excitement as we unveil surprising additions to our roadmap, promising innovative developments that will elevate our project to new heights and captivate our community with unexpected delights!

Check it out now: Evoload’s Roadmap


As we close out the year, these announcements mark significant milestones for Evoload. We’re not just building a platform; we’re fostering a community and a movement towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced logistics future.

Join us on this journey, and let’s make the end of 2023 a period to remember!

Let us know your feedbacks in the comments 👇

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Evoload stands at the forefront of Logistics Innovation, offering a revolutionary freight exchange platform powered by blockchain technology. Our decentralized marketplace seamlessly connects shippers and carriers, leveraging the security and transparency of blockchain to redefine the logistics experience. Our services ensures optimal route planning, enhances visibility, and minimizes costs, all while providing an immutable and transparent record of transactions.

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