Presale 2 | Updates

Charting the Future with Clarity and Purpose

3 min readNov 13, 2023


As we approach a significant milestone, it is appropriate to take a moment to reflect on Evoload’s journey until now, express gratitude for the community’s steadfast support, and prepare to embark on an even more promising future. The second phase of our presale has been a critical phase in our evolution, marked by active engagement with our community and strategic planning.

Expanding Our Reach: Presale 2

Presale 2 has been instrumental in broadening our network, engaging with a diverse and passionate community, and securing essential funding to continue the development and expansion of our project. We have been attentive to your insights and feedback, and we are now prepared to unveil our plans for the future. Our core priorities remain the progress of the Evoload project and the satisfaction of our backers.

A Strategic Pause and Progression

We will momentarily suspend Presale 2 on the 15th of November at 13:00 CET. This suspension is a strategic pause, a period for us to recalibrate and enhance our offerings.

Presale 2 will recommence on the 1st of December at 00:00 CET, after a period allotted for integrating significant upgrades and improvements.

The final closure of Presale 2 is scheduled for the 1st of January at 00:00 CET. This terminal countdown will be governed by unalterable smart contract directives, ensuring the timeline is followed to without deviations.

Innovations and Incentives

Upon the conclusion of Presale 2, we will initiate a new feature: the burning of 20% of all EVLD tokens sold during this phase. This deliberate action is aimed at increasing the scarcity of the tokens and, consequently, their value to investors.

Vesting Schedule Modifications

We are updating the vesting schedule, and these new conditions will apply exclusively to next funding stages. This modification is designed to foster a fairer ecosystem for both existing and future stakeholders.

Further details on these vesting changes will be disclosed when Presale 2 resumes.

Anticipated Announcements

As we resume the Presale 2 countdown, we are poised to reveal not one, but two significant announcements to our community. We encourage you to stay engaged for these pivotal updates that will significantly influence Evoload’s trajectory. Can you guess what they will be about?

Looking Forward

Every decision we make is a calculated step towards a brighter and more robust future for Evoload. We are deeply appreciative of your input, trust, and dedication to our collective vision. As we move forward into this next chapter, we do so with a sense of gratitude, resolve, and the firm belief that we are forging a path to excellence.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for your participation in Evoload’s journey. The best is still to come.


What is Evoload?

Evoload is a blockchain Freight Exchange platform built on the MultiversX Ecosystem, that is going to enhance and disrupt the logistical and transportation scene. The first in Europe to offer business intelligent solutions that benefit all stakeholders whilst using blockchain technology to create an unprecedented rewarding workflow.

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