xDay 2023 General Recap

Evoload’s Remarkable Journey through xDays



XDay 2023, hosted by the MultiversX ecosystem was a breathtaking event that marked another incredible chapter in Evoload’s journey. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, explore new horizons, and celebrate the progress we’ve made together. As we delve into this recap, you’ll discover the highlights and key takeaways from our experience at the prestigious Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, from October 19th to 21st.

Our Progress

Since last year’s xDay, Evoload has achieved significant milestones. We successfully concluded Seedsale and Presale 1, approaching the 4 million EVLD soft cap for Presale 2.

We introduced new elements in the ecosystem: the EvoTickets, a reward NFT awarded for participation and loyalty to our community, offering many benefits within it, and the Trucking Treasures, along with the highly anticipated Road Titans, composing our ecosystem’s new mechanism of identifying and rewarding the most committed contributors.

Alongside these developments, we’ve expanded our community, gamified our Discord channel with Zealy quests and sprints, and boosted our social media presence through various initiatives. New partnerships and clients have joined us while our Driver Portal reached its alpha version. Notably, we reduced over 70% of our token supply to foster a healthier ecosystem.

Most importantly, our Freight Exchange platform entered its beta testing phase, inviting our community to participate and provide valuable feedback actively.

Now, let’s dive into this year’s edition and discover the highlights of Evoload’s 3-day journey inside Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament!

Our Journey

Meeting Our Investors

One of the most rewarding experiences during xDay was connecting with our dedicated community of investors and supporters. We cherished the opportunity to meet both familiar faces and new friends who share our vision for revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industry. Your feedback, insights, and enthusiasm have been instrumental in shaping our project’s future. Some fortunate members even got a sneak peek at our upcoming releases, and their reactions were inspiring.

Secondary Events

Thanks to meticulous planning and our energetic team, we actively participated in all the secondary events hosted by MultiversX’s projects.

Our CEO, Razvan Popa, and other team members enjoyed networking opportunities at Istari Vision xOdyssey event and engaged in lively discussions with industry experts. The energy was so much that they had to dance the night away at the Cow Cow party backstage, with many other hodlers and VIPs. We also participated in the Demiurgos and Nftr Market xNight at Kong Bucharest the same night.

At the xDay Poker Tournament by our friends and partners from xCards, Luca represented Evoload, offering EvoTickets and TTM tokens as our event’s sponsor prize.

Platform Showcase

We proudly showcased our platform and vision to potential clients and investors, emphasizing the transformative impact of our ecosystem on logistics.

With only six months until our fully operational platform launch and a projection of 2,000 clients by that time, many were keen to explore our solutions and address the pressing challenges of the transportation sector. We shared insights into the current industry landscape and explained how Evoload is set to make a difference.

Keynotes, Hackathon & Community Awards

During xDay 2023, MultiversX unveiled significant upgrades to enhance blockchain performance, including a push towards 1-second blocktime and surpassing 100K+ transactions per second, backed by technical advancements like parallel processing. Strategic alliances with tech giants such as Google Cloud amplify their commitment to fostering a robust Web3 environment. The ecosystem is set to grow with innovations like the PI² Universal ZK Rollup and partnerships enabling seamless token swaps across chains. New products and features like xPortal Debit Cards and advanced AI assistants are on the horizon, alongside tools like xExchange V3 and xFabric to democratize Web3 website development.

Check the official xDay 2023 Recap for more insights

As Evoload we are eager to capitalize on these developments, with the MultiversX enhancements aligning perfectly with our vision for a seamless and scalable blockchain experience. The strength of these partnerships and technological advancements in this ecosystem provide a solid foundation for Evoload’s strategic initiatives, driving our projectvforward and cementing our place at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Congratulations to all the Community Awards winners for their achievements. We are looking forward to compete again in next year’s edition!

Hackathon Overview

The xDay Hackathon was a testament to innovation, featuring 1,000 hackers, 150 projects, and participants from over 70 countries. Projects spanned diverse domains, from AI and DeFi to infrastructure and mobile apps, contributing inventive solutions to the MultiversX ecosystem.

Congratulations to all the winners, especially our partner Gaupa Labs, with a 3rd place in the Mobile Apps track for their Gaupa Tracker, which we’re eager to see part of our logistics platform as a Partner Integration.


The MultiversX ecosystem continues to dazzle us with its commitment to innovation and collaborative spirit. It’s not just about the projects but the brilliant minds driving them, relentlessly working to create a more efficient digital and physical world. Together, we harness the power of blockchain to forge strong and lasting connections, fostering a brighter future for all.

We eagerly await new events and conferences worldwide to share our vision with those interested in the evolution of logistics and transportation. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for unwavering support and eagerly anticipate unveiling what our developers have been brewing behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to Evoload It Up!


What is Evoload?

Evoload is a blockchain Freight Exchange platform built on the MultiversX Ecosystem, that is going to enhance and disrupt the logistical and transportation scene. The first in Europe to offer business intelligent solutions that benefit all stakeholders whilst using blockchain technology to create an unprecedented rewarding workflow.

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